Wednesday, October 15, 2014

12 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

I am sure you are all getting pretty sick of hearing about how it is almost our 1 year anniversary and about how much I love my husband.  Don't worry, I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging next week.  I just feel that as we approach our anniversary it is important to share some of the things that make our marriage work.  Everyone always says that year 1 is the hardest year, and while our first year of marriage hasn't been perfect, it has been pretty close.  I also think that it is important to take the time on here to let everyone know how important my husband is to me and how much I love him... just in case you ever doubted it. So in honor of 12 months of marriage I am going to share with you all today 12 reasons why I love my husband!

one// He drives me crazy... but in a good way.  Boy does that man know how to push my buttons and as much as I say I am mad at him, I'm really not.  He knows how to get to me, but he always knows just how far to push it so that I don't actually get mad at him... and that makes me laugh.

two// He is ALWAYS there for me... and I mean ALWAYS.  He has been known to bring me home flowers and my favorite ice cream because I had a bad day.  He is willing to talk to me at 2am when I get home from work and just need to vent.  He is there for me whenever something goes wrong.  He lends me his ear and his support whenever I need it.

three// He is a PHENOMENAL cook.  Seriously, this man knows how to cook and I love it.  Sure I love to cook to and I love to cook meals with him... but I also love that I don't always have to do ALL of the cooking.  It is nice to know that M can fend for himself if I am not around.

Homemade pumpkin roll M made me for my 29th birthday last year
four// He is nerdy, but oh so cute.  He wears shirts that say things like "I'm an engineer... I'm good at maths" or "This guy loves his wife".  He knows all kinds of stuff about science and technology that I can't even begin to explain (or to even understand for that matter).  But he is still so stinkin' adorable that it isn't even funny.  And he gets this goofy grin on his face every time he does something nerdy that he knows I don't understand even though I am trying really hard to.  Makes me melt.

five// He can fix anything.  I feel like he may disagree with this one, but yeah I am pretty postiive my husband can fix anything.

six// He knows how to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world even when I am sick, in my pajamas and feel like poop... he still manages to make me feel beautiful.

seven// His "baby blues"  If you ask him, he will tell you that they are why I started dating him in the first place... he claims I couldn't resist them.  I beg to differ, but if that is what he wants to think, we're just going to roll with it.

He does have some pretty baby blues... doesn't he?
eight// I always feel safe in his arms.  When M has his arms wrapped around me I feel like nothing can hurt me.  It is so comforting.

nine// Along the same lines as number eight, I love the way that a hug and a kiss on my forehead from M make all my problems go away and seem insignificant.  It is like in that moment when he does that I forget about everything that is bothering me and just focus on the fact that I know that M loves me with his entire heart and that he would do practically anything for me.

ten// He constantly supports me.  He may not always understand my decisions and we may argue over them and I may feel like he isn't supporting my decision, but he always comes around and ends up supporting me whether he thinks I am making the right decision or not.

eleven// He always encourages me to reach for the moon.  When I get down about not being able to find a career oriented job he is constantly telling me that any employer would be lucky to have me.  He tells me to apply for things even though I think I might not be qualified because someone could see something in me that they like and give me a chance.  He always encourages me to do my best and tells me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

twelve// I love that M is just as wacky as I am and that after almost 8 years of being together, we still know how to have a good time.

What are some reasons you love your significant other?

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  1. AWW!! I love love this! Zach also says I fell for him because of his baby blues or his car haha! This is so cute--Happy First Anniversary Week!


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