Monday, October 13, 2014

Reasons Why My Husband is Also My Best Friend

I previously published this post as a guest post over at Elizabeth Loves, but in case you missed it, I figured this post is a wonderful way to start off my "Wedding Week" series as every day this week I am going to try to blog about something wedding related as this is the week leading up to M & my 1 year anniversary!

// When you marry someone who is one of your best friends they accept you for who you are… the good, the bad, the ugly… and they love you no matter what.

// Speaking of the good, the bad, the ugly… when you marry your best friend they have already seen you at your worst and they STILL love you for it (for me one of my worsts would probably have been the first time my hubby & I met… so surprised he even wanted to date me after that!).
Me & the husband from back in the early days
// You are spending the rest of your life with this person, so it is important that you see them as your friend and not just your spouse.  While seeing them as your spouse is obviously important, you don’t want to lose sight of why you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them and why you find them so fun, amazing, etc. and part of that is obviously your friendship with them.  

// When you are best friends you understand each other’s need to spend time with your other best friends.  My husband totally gets that sometimes I just need a girls’ night with some of my favorite ladies and he doesn't judge me for that.  Just like I don’t judge him for the fact that he wants to go go-kart racing with the guys sometime soon. We are allowed to have bffs besides each other. 

// When your spouse is your best friend they just get you when no one else can.  They understand all the ins and outs of you and know what makes you tick.  They have seen all sides of you and know when sometimes you need to talk it out or when sometimes a giant glass of wine will do the trick.
& when sometimes you just need the whole bottle
// They aren't afraid to act silly with you when you are out in public.
Acting silly at a Flyers Playoff game
// When you are best friends you have some of the same interests, but also respect each other's differences.  I love to read, my husband doesn't.  My husband likes to watch car racing, I don't.  What do I do when he is watching car races, read.  It works out perfectly.  We both absolutely love hockey and craft beers, so we spend a lot of time watching hockey games and touring breweries.  Also works out perfectly. 

// You are comfortable being in each other's presence and just doing nothing.  Sometimes all my husband and  I need to do is sit out on our patio and chill.  We don't need to talk, we don't need to be doing anything besides enjoying being in each other's company.

// You love this person like no other.  We all know that we love our best friends in a different way than we love our significant other.  But when your significant other is also your best friend there is just that much love for them.  You love them with your whole heart for so many reasons and that is what makes the love so special and like no other.

What are some reasons why your spouse/significant other is also your best friend?


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I may not be married yet but me and my man have this great relationship that only him and I understand. He understands me like noone else ever will and it's great having that strong bond with him and enjoy things when we're together.


    1. It is always great to have someone in your life who understands you like no one else. That is seriously one of the best things about marrying your best friend!! Glad to hear that you guys still have such a great relationship!!


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