Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Liebster Award... Part 3

So I am a terrible blogger and although Emily from Southern Expectations nominated me for a Liebster back in oh, the end of June, I never actually got around to answering her questions.  So I am sooooo sorry Emily, I promise to make it up to you with the BEST answers to your questions EVER.  (Ok, maybe that is putting a lot of pressure on myself, but I am going to try my best with them anyway!)

I was first nominated for a Liebster by Lindsey at Bliss and Blunders of an Everyday Wife  and then I was nominated again back in early June by Adrianna at Adri's Thoughts and had such a fun time answering her questions, I decided that I would most definitely answer them again this time around.

Basically the Liebster Award is an award given by one blogger to another blogger in order for the blogging world to get to know you better.  There are all sorts of variations of the award, but the rules all include giving a list of questions for the blogger you nominated to answer.  The questions are always very interesting and I have definitely found some fun new blogs through these nominations.  This time around I will not be nominating any new blogs as the last time it did not turn out so well.  BUT don't you worry, when I find new and amazing blogs from now on I will just tell you about them instead of nominating them for this!

Now... without further ado... my answers to Emily's Questions....

1. What is your favorite part of blogging?  This is a tough one.  Although I really think that my favorite part of blogging is meeting new bloggers and making connections with them.  Take Emily, the lovely lady who nominated me... at least once a week while reading her blog I become convinced that we are the same person because we like so many of the same things.  Or Elizabeth from Elizabeth Loves who would probably be one of my bffs if we didn't live so far away from each other.  Or Erin from Love, Fun & Football who reached out to me to help me rebrand my blog when I was trying to figure out what to do with it.  I have "met" a ton of amazing people through blogging and I wouldn't change that for the world!

2. If you could move to any country in the world, where would it be?  Ha... this is an easy one.  Without a doubt, I would hands down move to Spain if I could go anywhere.  It is no secret that I loved that country and would move back there in a heartbeat.

The husband and I in Barcelona on our Honeymoon!
3. Favorite "adult" beverage.  Again... this is an easy one.  Craft beers.  In case you missed it, I did a post last week about 5 Breweries I Want to Visit and about how the husband and I both love craft beers so much.

4. Favorite hobby. Reading.... most definitely reading.  I love nothing more than to sit down with a good book and get lost in it.  Especially if I am getting lost in a good book and there is also a glass of wine involved!

5. If you could have a super power, what would it be and why? The ability to go invisible so that I can hide when my husband is harassing me.  Just kidding hubby!  No, but being able to go invisible would be pretty cool... I could sneak up on people and well let's just say that it would be fun.

6. What does your last text message say? Who was it from? "Just wanted to say how excited I am to see you again this weekend!!! I'm so honored and glad your coming." and it is from my friend JoAnne... and it is her bachelorette this weekend... can I tell you how excited I am to be heading back to NYC to spend a weekend celebrating her before her upcoming October wedding!

7. What is your idea of a perfect date night?  Pretty much any time I spend with my husband is a great date night (we don't see each other all that often due to our crazy, opposite work schedules).  But some of the best date nights are when we stay home... grill something together... and then sit outside on our patio enjoying each others' company while just talking about whatever.  Yup... those nights are definitely the best!

Grilling some beer can chicken and veggies for a date night at home with my husband!
8. Favorite food.  Hummus... and for the record I would just like to say that I loved hummus before it was super popular... I used to eat it in college... with Pita chips.  Hummus and pita chips were totally my comfort food and my friends would make fun of me for it all the time.

9. You have just one million dollars, you have 24 hours to spend it, what do you do with the money?  Pay off all my student loans, buy a house, donate some to charity and then invest the rest somehow to save for my future kids' college educations.

10. Best 4th of July Memory.  Most of my 4th of July memories are the same... spending time at the Jersey shore with my family since my Gram's birthday is on July 4th.  It is always so nice to spend time with my family since we don't always get to see each other that often and I look forward to the 4th of July every year!

Cousins at the Jersey Shore for Gram's Bday
Pop and Gram on her birthday!
11.  Coffee or Tea?  Coffee.  I LOVE my coffee.  I am pretty much a grump in the morning when I don't have my coffee... just ask my hubby.

Do you have any favorite blogs you think we should all check out?


  1. These are always so fun! I love reading the answers to everyone's questions.

  2. Loved reading all you answers....I love Liebsters! Oh guess what, I've only tried hummus once....GASP....I did love it when I tried it though but Zach hates the stuff. Hmmm I think you inspired me to try it again.


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