Thursday, August 28, 2014

#tbt... The Doctors Tie the Knot

In honor of it being almost another year since LW and RM... a.k.a. "The Doctors"... tied the knot I figured that this week's #tbt post should be dedicated to them.  LW and RM are another set of our friends who had been dating since I can remember.  I don't think I remember a time where the two of them weren't associated with one another.  Sure they weren't "officially" dating the entire time I knew them, but I was pretty sure that they would end up together.  Sure enough nearly 10  years (at least I think it was 10 years) later the two of them tied the knot.  I was so happy to be there for them to celebrate their special day and know that I will always remember the great times we had at their wedding!

M & I before the wedding
RM with his parents
Here Comes the Bride

Gbig & RG... sorority sister bridesmaids

You may kiss the bride

Chi O sisters at the wedding

Cousins with our G-big
Cousins with our Gbigs... Chi O Family Love
Love my G-big!
Do you have any friends who have been together for as long as you can remember?


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    1. I know you love weddings girl!! And we go to so many of them that you will never have a shortage of wedding posts from me! We have 2, maybe 3 more to go to this year lol


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