Friday, October 8, 2010


...didn't pass the Delaware bar exam.  Didn't miss passing by much, but still didn't pass.  I thought I would handle it really well, I didn't.  I cried for about an hour and then after talking to various friends and the bf I re-realized that it wasn't the end of the world that I didn't pass, because well there is always NJ and there is always next year.

Not going to lie, it still depresses me a bit that I didn't pass because I endured three years of hell in law school and a summer of hell studying for the bar exam and I'm really just disappointed that my hard work just wasn't good enough.   I'm still thinking about whether or not I should attempt to take it again next year or if I should just take this as a sign that God wants me to be working in NJ or PA.  It's definitely a lot to think about.

Now it's time to focus on finding a job in NJ and then on studying for the PA bar which I now plan to take in February. 

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  1. Hi there from a fellow donkey :D when that stuff happens, it stinks, and it stinks a lot! But don't get worked up and "cry over spilled milk", refocus on what lies ahead of you, sounds like you're already on it! :)


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