Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Philadelphia Love

I recently saw a friend's facebook status where one of the things he was thankful for was that he was not from Philadelphia.  Now as shocking as this may sound, that kind of upset me.  I know I pride myself on being a Jersey Girl, but since moving to the Philadelphia area I've come to really like it down here.  Sure it's not Jersey, but Philadelphia really isn't all that bad.

Philadelphia has...

The Liberty Bell

Independence Hall

The Philles (yes I am a Yankees fan at heart, but the Phillies really aren't all that bad)

The Flyers (again, I'm really a Devils fan, but the Flyers aren't that bad either)

Valley Forge (right outside of Philly)
...and so much more!

I know that being from North Jersey means that I'm supposed to be a City girl, but I have to admit, as much as I love NYC, Philly really does have a lot to offer and I'm really glad that I live in this area now.  Part of the reason I think I like this area so much is because I am a history nerd and love the fact that there is so much history here.  I mean how cool is it that I got to go to the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed?!
I mean this is where they sat and discussed the Declaration of Independence... to me that is so amazing to be able to visit a place like that.
Plus when you visit Old City you can still drive on all the old cobblestone roads and go to old restaurants/pubs and enjoy a piece of what life was like in the 1700s.  And like NYC, Philadelphia has their own Chinatown
Chinese New Year Parade in Philly's Chinatown
And of course there is the Philly Auto Show (one of Mark's favorite events in Philly)
I liked the Old Cars

Mark liked the newer ones better

So as you can see, Philadelphia has a lot to offer and I'm glad that I live here.  I'm glad that I've experienced NYC, but I'm also glad that I'm starting to experience another equally amazing city on the East Coast.

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  1. I've never seen much of Phili other then the uh...

    Wachovia Center for the TSO show
    Liberty Bell - wasn't that interesting
    that ship you can eat on
    the train station
    the subway

    that's it ;P

    oh yea i went the art museum with my mom! :) that was fun.

    i live like an hour away from phili but i can see it from my front yard ;P


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