Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Currently... in February

Today I am linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her "Currently" Series!  Becky started this series as a way for us bloggers to share what we are currently up to and to support each other along our life's journey!

This week we are talking about what we are currently... //finishing //pinning //watching //planning //loving.

//finishing... I am finally getting around to finishing the book I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith which was the January book for the Blogger 2 Blogger Book Club.  Yup, once again I am super late to the game, but I PROMISE I will get my review up soon AND that I will finish February's book on time and get my review up ON TIME!! Or maybe I should promise that I will try to do my best to get everything done on time because life just seems to be getting away from me these days!!

//pinning... TONS of recipes.  I feel like the hubby and I have been in a recipe rut recently so I have been looking for new ones to try.  In fact he is even having a newly pinned recipe for dinner tonight!!

// watching... Gilmore Girls!  I don't think I will EVER get tired of this show and love that it is on ABC Family during the day and that we are on Season 1 again!! Plus every time I watch the show it makes me think of my girl Elizabeth over at Elizabeth Loves and makes me feel like she isn't living all the way in Hawaii while I am here in PA! 

//planning... our trip to Mexico for my BFF JG's wedding!! Super excited for another trip to Mexico for a wedding and especially excited to be a part of JG's special day as I am one of her bridesmaids!!

// loving... that I am actually off on Saturday for Valentine's Day!! It is the first Valentine's Day I have been off in I don't know how many years and I am super excited to be spending it with my husband doing absolutely nothing except enjoying each other's company!! 

Can't wait to spend an entire day with this stud!

What is currently going on in your life?


  1. Oooo Valentine's Day off! Have fun and enjoy the day!

  2. Yay for being off on Valentine's Day!!!! And I love that Gilmore Girls makes you think of me.....I feel special!

  3. Where in Mexico are you headed? Those huts look familiar but of course it could be any resort.

    And yay for valentine's day - got plans?

  4. I want that sandwich right now!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMM
    Mexico sounds incredible right now, can I ride in your suitcase?
    Enjoy your Valentine's Day...YAY for being off!
    Thanks for joining me in my Currently series! :)

    1. OMG... you should definitely try to make the sandwich... it was sooooo easy and Mark and I both really enjoyed it!! We added some provolone cheese to ours because well we both love cheese, but I highly recommend making them!!


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