Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Random Things You Should Know if We Are Going to be BFFs... Part 4

Every few months as I continue on this journey of blogging I feel like it is fun to share with all of my readers some random facts about myself.  In case you missed it, here is where you can catch up on... Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

one// Even though Fall is my absolute favorite season, I love everything there is about Christmas.... the decorations, the lights, cutting down the tree, to spending time with family and friends.  Christmas is just such a fun time of the year!!

two// I used to be fluent in Spanish.  Although I may have lost some of it over the years, it still comes back to me when  I need it... case in point, when we were in Mexico last time and the elevator was broken I managed to tell them about it completely in Spanish.

Pictures from my adventures around Spain
three// I have broken both my ankles multiple times, yet still wear heels.

This was the last time I broke my ankle this past August
four// I can barely whistle.

five// For a female I am abnormally obsessed with sports, but one would definitely not call me a tomboy.

Flyers, Phillies, Bucknell basketball and the NY Giants... just some of my favorite teams
six// One day I really hope to be able to adopt a child.

seven// I once closed my eyes and took my hands off the wheel when I skidded driving in the snow. And this is why my husband loves when I drive in the snow.

eight// I am clumsy by nature, but when I have been drinking I really like to fall down the stairs.

nine// I LOVE tomatoes, bu pretty much can't stand tomato sauce (except on pizza)

ten// I was a vegetarian for a very long time, because of my health teacher freshman yet at PV.  I didn't start eating meat again until junior year of college when I was in Spain and my senora "tricked" me into eating it.  And by tricking me, I mean she just gave me meat to eat.

This is Pepita... she was the cutest Spanish lady EVER!
What are some random things I should know about you if we are going to be BFFs?


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs. Your randomness cracks me up.

    1. haha... thanks!! Glad that my randomness cracks you up and keeps you entertained... that is what I am here for!! :-)

  2. My fav season is fall.
    I hate driving in snow!
    I love cheese!!
    Becky with Choose Happy

    1. I absolutely love how so many people love fall!! Some of my best friends make fun of me because I am a totally different person in the fall cause I love it sooo much!! Yay for cheese too... cheese is absolutely delicious... we got some great cheeses when we were in NY for our anniversary!!

  3. Ok, round 2. Yes 100x to the fall. I took 8 years of spanish and can't remember squat. I also want to adopt and I went 7 years not eating red meat until I started working at a new restaurant and they made us try all of the foods. I realized meat was amazing!

  4. We're opposites on the tomato sauce - I'll eat it on pasta, pizza, etc but cannot stand eating tomatoes. Unless they are diced up small and mixed in on a salad with other stuff I will refuse to eat them.

  5. Randomness about me....
    I love summer. I'd rather it be 100 degrees than even 60 degrees.
    I love to travel
    If I could, I'd live on a cruise ship
    Favorite holiday is defiantly Christmas

    1. Summer is definitely a close 2nd to fall... right now I would give ANYTHING for it to be 100 degrees out... actually when the high is only 10 degrees I think I would settle for 60 lol Where has your favorite travel destination been?? Do you take cruises often?? We have never been on a cruise, but that is on my bucket list for some point in the near future!!


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