Thursday, February 19, 2015

#tbt... Ice Skating in NJ

Before I broke my ankle a million and one times I used to absolutely LOVE to ice skate.  I learned to ice skate as a young kid at the George Street Pond in Harrington Park, NJ.  My grandma, mom and aunt all used to love to ice skate too and it would always be a group outing to the pond.  Ice skating is something that I actually miss doing, but something I won't even attempt with my crazy ankles for fear that I will break one again. Since we finally got some snow this week (can't believe the weathermen actually got it right this time!!), I figured this week we would throw it back to ice skating in NJ!!

For good measure I was able to find an old picture of me ice skating on the George Street pond as a kid... don't I look like I was loving it?!
What are your thoughts on ice skating??

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