Thursday, February 5, 2015

#tbt... Hershey Park Zoo

My husband has absolutely no fear of driving in bad weather... never has and probably never will.  So when he suggests we take a trip out to Hershey Park the day after having a pretty substantial snow storm, I say, "Sure, why not?!"  Since we have been having a ton of snow these past couple of weeks, ok maybe not a ton...because it really isn't sticking... but it sure has snowed on a bunch of different days... I figured today would be a good day to #tbt to that one time we drove to the Hershey Park Zoo after a snow storm. 

Obviously we had to get a picture with the Bison because what kind of Bucknellians would we be if we didn't take a picture with every Bison possible?!?!

Have you ever gone on a snow day adventure?

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  1. Its nice to see a new picture of the bison. They sadly died in a tragic flood five years ago this very day. Their deaths could have been easily prevented. Ryan and Esther will always be remembered.


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